React Native Book Manager: Introduction {

In June 2019, I created a Book Manager with the two goals of 1) becoming proficient with React Native and 2) creating an iOS and Android app that would allow users to view the Kindle highlights and notes of their friends for books that they both read. This series will cover the creation of this app in three parts:

Part 1: Simple React Native app that lets you manually add information about books you’re interested in, and view them in a sortable list, with all the data stored locally on the device.

Part 2: Integration with Google Books API for automating the insertion of information and images from books that you save to the app. Also integrate importing of notes and highlights information from the Amazon Kindle reading app.

Part 3: Simple back end server setup and integration with the app for registering a username, backing up your data, searching for friends, and viewing notes from friends who have read the same books.

Rather than providing a comprehensive step by step guide on how to recreate the project, I will instead give a high level overview of the main software components in each section, and then provide a list of the most interesting problems or new ideas that I encountered. I’ll always provide a link to the complete code for each section at then end, in case someone wants to take a closer look.

A React Native Book Manager: Part 1/3


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